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CSS [Rotation Transfer (Director)]

O.M/Notification No.
O.M/Notification Date
PDF File
1 21/1/2018-CS-I(D) 11/09/2020 Transfer of Ms. Anuradha Sharma Chagti, JS(in-situ). PDF(English)
2 4/2/2018-CS.I(D) 09/09/2020 Deemed Relieving of Shri C. Gangadharan, Director, CSS PDF(English)
3 F.No. 3/5/2017-CS.I(D) 07/09/2020 Transfer of Shri Brij Nandan Prasad, Director, CSS PDF(English)
4 4/2/2018-CS.I(D) 16/06/2020 Transfer posting of officers of CSS PDF(English)
5 F. No. 21/1/2018-CS-I(D) 12/06/2020 Transfer Order of Sh. S. D. Sharma, JS(in-situ) from DPIIT to DOPT PDF(English)
6 4/2/2018-CS.I(D)(Pt.I) 04/06/2020 Posting of Shri Vedantam Giri, Joint Secretary(in-situ) to MInistry of Culture - reg PDF(English)
7 4/2/2018-CS.I(D)(pt.1) 07/02/2020 Posting of Shri K. Gurumurthy, Director (CSS) to D/o Fertilizers PDF(English)
8 3/8/2019-CS.I(D) 27/01/2020 Posting of Shri Sarwesh Kumar Arya, Director to Cabinet Secretariat PDF(English)
9 3/6/2019-CS.I(D) 13/01/2020 Endorsing of copy of relieving order in respect of CSS officers to CS.I Division, DoPT PDF(English)
10 4/2/2018-CS.I(D)(pt.1) 27/12/2019 Posting of Shri Balmiki Prasad, Director PDF(English)
11 4/2/2018-CS.I(D) 18/12/2019 Posting of Ms. Margaret Gangte, Director PDF(English)
12 4/2/2018-CS.I(D) (Pt.I) 08/11/2019 Posting of Shri Alok Agarwal, Director, CSS to D/o Agriculture Cooperation & Farmers Welfare PDF(English)
13 3/2/2018-Cs.I(D) 06/11/2019 Posting of Shri Satyajit Mishra, Director PDF(English)
14 3/2/2019-CS.I(D) 24/10/2019 Posting of Ms. A. Dhanalakshmi, Director to national Commission for Minorities PDF(English)
15 4/4/2018-CS.I(D) 24/06/2019 Rotational Transfer of Directors of CSS - stand relieving order - reg. PDF(English)
16 4/11/2015-CS.I(D)pt. 04/04/2019 On return from deputation, posting of DS/Dir. PDF(English)
17 3/1/2017-CS.I(D)(pt.I) 06/03/2019 Transfer of Shri G. Srinivasan, Dir (CSL No. 5030) from DOP&T to M/o Housing & UA. PDF(English)
18 4/4/2018-CS.i(D) 28/02/2019 Transfer of CSS officer under RTP PDF(English)
19 3/1/2017-CS.I(D)(pt.I) 20/02/2019 Transfer of Smt. Poornima Malik, DS(adhoc) PDF(English)
20 3/2/2018-CS.I(D) 20/02/2019 Posting of Shri P.K. Bhatnagar, Dir in Consumer Affairs PDF(English) PDF(Hindi)
21 4/3/2017-CS.I(D) 18/02/2019 Posting of Shri A.K. Deori, Dir (CSL No. 4441-A) of CSS. PDF(English) PDF(Hindi)
22 4/4/2018-CS.I(D) 31/01/2019 Rotation Transfer of DS/Dir for the year 2018 under RTP. PDF(English)
23 3/1/2017-CS.I(D)(pt.I) 31/01/2019 Rotation Transfer of Director of CSS under RTP. PDF(English)
24 3/4/2016-CS.I(D)(pt.I) 14/01/2019 Transfer of Ms. Jaya Dubey, JS(insitu) to M/o Tourism. PDF(English)
25 4/4/2018-CS.I(D) 28/12/2018 Rotational Transfer of DS/Director of CSS - Regarding. PDF(English)
26 3/2/2018-CS.I(D) 13/11/2018 Posting of Shri A.K. Sachdeva, Director, (CSL No. 4897) to M/o Skill Development & Ent. PDF(English)
27 10/4/2018-CS.I(D) 12/11/2018 Transfer of Shri Konthang Touthang, JS(in-situ) from Shipping to Youth Affairs. PDF(English) PDF(Hindi)
28 3/1/2016-CS.I(D) 02/11/2018 On returen from deputation, Shri Soumya Chattopadhyay, Director posted to D/o Commerce. PDF(English)
29 3/1/2017-CS.I(D)(p-I) 24/10/2018 RTP of Director-2017 of CSS on promotion PDF(English)
30 4/6/2016-CS.I(D)(Pt.) 17/10/2018 Relieving order of Ms. Padmaja Singh, Dir & Shri Thanglemlian, Dir . PDF(English)
31 3/8/2015-CS.I(D) 24/09/2018 Posting of Shri R.C. Dhankar, Dir of CSS to D/o Consumer Affairs PDF(English)
32 3/2/2018-CS.I(D) 20/09/2018 Posting of Ms. Garima Singh, Director (CSL No.4636-A) to Civil Aviation PDF(English)
33 4/2/2016-CS.I(D) 30/08/2018 Shri K Nagaraja, Director is posted to SSC(SR), Chennai. PDF(English)
34 4/4/2018-CD.I(D) 16/08/2018 Corrigendum - RTP regarding PDF(English)
35 3/2/2018-CS.I(D) 16/08/2018 Posting of Shri RajeshKumar Singh, Dir CSS to M/o Cultre PDF(English)
36 4/4/2018-CS.I(D) 13/08/2018 RTP of DS/Director of CSS - regarding PDF(English)
37 3/2/2018-CS.I(D) 02/08/2018 Posting of Shri VK Sinha, DIr(CSL No. 4402-A) to Skill Development & Entrepreneurship PDF(English)
38 3/4/2016-CS.I(D)(pt.I) 27/06/2018 Transfer of Sh VA Chavda, JS(in-situ) from ARPG to Shipping PDF(English)
39 4/6/2016-CS.I(D)(Pt.) 07/06/2018 Rotational Transfer of Directors of CSS - Deemed Relieving of officers PDF(English)
40 3/2/2018-CS.I(D) 18/05/2018 Posting of Shri G. Vijayaraghavan, Dir to M/o Skill Development on return form deputation PDF(English)
41 4/3/2016-CS.I(D)Vol.II 19/03/2018 Posting of Shri SK Ahuja, Shri Ajit Kumar, Shri Akhil Saxena and Shri PT Bhutia of CSS PDF(English)
42 4/6/2016-CS.I(D)pt.I 24/01/2018 Rotation transfer of DS/Dir for 2017 - Corrigendum PDF(English)
43 4/6/2016-CS.I(D) 23/01/2018 Rotation transfer of DS/Dir for 2017 PDF(English)
44 4/3/2017-CS.I(D) 22/01/2018 Posting of Shri AK Deori, Director (CSL No. 4441A) from Department of Heavy Industry to MHA PDF(English)
45 4/6/2016-CS.I(D) 19/12/2017 Rotational Transfer of DS/Director of CSS-regarding PDF(English)
46 4/2/2016-CS.I(D) 12/12/2017 Posting of Shri A K Singh, JS Insitu to Ministry of Tribal Affairs PDF(English)
47 21/4/2017-CS.I(D) 05/12/2017 Posting of Shri V B Dubey, JS Insitu in MHA PDF(English)
48 3/4/2016-CS.I(D) Pt. 30/11/2017 Posting of Shri Anil Subramaniam, Director to Ministry of Home Affairs PDF(English)
49 3/4/2016-CS.I(D)(pt.) 10/11/2017 Posting of Shri Rahul Kashyap Director CSS PDF(English) PDF(Hindi)
50 21/2/2015-CS-I(D) 06/10/2017 Appointment of Ms. Nita Kejriwal, Director,CSS as JS (in-situ) PDF(English)
51 4/6/2016-CS-I(D) 06/10/2017 Rotational Transfer of DS/Director of CSS-regarding PDF(English)
52 3/4/2016-CS.I(D) (Pt.I) 18/09/2017 Posting of Shri Prakash Nevatia, Director (CSL No. 3200) to Department of Commerce. PDF(English) PDF(Hindi)
53 3/4/2016-CS.I(D) 15/09/2017 Posting of Ms. Margaret Gangte, Director, (CSL No. 3422) to Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion. PDF(English) PDF(Hindi)
54 4/6/2016-CS-I(D) 18/07/2017 Rotational Transfer of DS/Director of CSS-regarding PDF(English)
55 3/4/2016-CS.I(D) 16/06/2017 Posting of Shri Bhaskar Das Gupta, Director (CSL No. 4613-A) to Cabinet Secretariat PDF(English)
56 3/4/2017-CS.I(D) 14/06/2017 Posting of Shri Ashok Kumar, JS(in-situ), CSS to Ministry of Food Processing Industries PDF(English)
57 3/4/2016-CS.I(D) 06/06/2017 Posting of Smt. Rupali Banerjee Singh, Director, CSS to Department of Posts PDF(English)
58 3/4/2017-CS.I(D) 31/05/2017 Posting of Smt. Varsha Sinha, Director, CSS, to Department of Personnel & Training PDF(English)
59 3/4/2017-CS.I(D) 23/05/2017 Posting of Shri Rajiv Manjhi, Director, CSS to Ministry of Health & Family Welfare PDF(English)
60 4/3/2017-CS.I(D) 03/05/2017 Posting orders in respect of Shri P.Bhardwaj (DS), Shri S.P.Singh, (Director) and Shri S.S.S.Sarma (Director). reg. PDF(English)
61 4/11/2015-CS-I(D) 15/09/2016 Transfer/Posting of Director/DS of CSS PDF(English)
62 4/6/2016-CS-I(D) 26/05/2016 Rotation transfer of CSS officers of Deputy Secretary grade and above during the year 2016 - regarding PDF(English)
63 3/1/2015-CS-I(D) (Pt.I) 19/02/2016 Posting of DS/Director of CSS PDF(English)
64 4/11/2015-CS-I(D) 01/02/2016 Posting of Shri S. K. Jha, Director, CSS PDF(English)
65 21/2/2015-CS-I(D) 19/11/2015 Posting of Sh. Anil Bahuguna, JS(in-situ) of CSS in the Department of Consumer Affairs PDF(English)
66 4/2/2015-CS-I(D) 04/11/2015 Posting of Sh. Vijay Rajmohan, Director, CSS PDF(English)
67 4/4/2015-CS.I(d) 17/08/2015 Regarding Transfer of Shri Daniel E. Richards, Director PDF(English)
68 4/4/2015-CS.I(D) 17/08/2015 Transfer in the Grade of DS/Director of CSS under RTP PDF(English)
69 3/6/2015-CS-I(D) 04/08/2015 Posting of Sh. S.D. Sharma, Director, CSS PDF(English)
70 21/2/2015-CS-I(D) 28/07/2015 Posting of Ms. A. Dhanalaksmi, Director, CSS PDF(English)
71 4/2/2015-CS-I(D) 01/07/2015 Posting of Director and Deputy Secretary of CSS PDF(English)
72 4/2/2015-CS-I(D) 08/06/2015 Posting of Dr. Parvinder Kaur, Director, CSS. PDF(English)
73 4/4/2015-CS-I(D) 27/05/2015 Rotational transfer of CSS officers of DS grade and above PDF(English)
74 4/3/2015-CS-I(D) 27/05/2015 Posting of Sh. K. Nagaraja, Director, CSS in DRT, Chennai PDF(English)
75 4/3/2015-CS-I(D) 27/05/2015 Posting of Sh. S.K. Tripathi, Director,CSS in DRT, Allahabad PDF(English)
76 4/2/2015-CS-I(D) 20/05/2015 Posting of Sh. Prakash Nevatia, Director, CSS. PDF(English)
77 4/2/2015-CS-I(D) 15/01/2015 Posting of two Directors of CSS-reg PDF(English)
78 4/2/2014-CS-I(D) 10/09/2014 Posting of Ms. Subha Thakur, Director, CSS PDF(English)
79 4/2/2014-CS-I(D)(Pt.) 01/09/2014 Posting of two Directors of CSS-reg. PDF(English)
80 3/1/2014-CS-I(D) 20/08/2014 Relieving of Sh. Rabindra Prasad, Director, CSS. PDF(English)
81 No. 3/1/2014-CS-I(D) 03/07/2014 Postings/Transfers of CSS Directors & Deputy Secretaries. PDF(English)
82 3/1/2014-CS-I(D) 04/06/2014 Postings/transfers of CSS Directors and Deputy Secretary PDF(English)
83 4/2/2014-CS-I(D) 15/05/2014 Transfer of Sh. Ashwani Kumar, Director, CSS PDF(English)
84 3/1/2014-CS-I(D) 08/05/2014 Postings/transfers of CSS JS(in-situ), Directors and Deputy Secretaries PDF(English)
85 4/2/2013-CS-I(D)(Pt.) 29/04/2014 Transfer of Shri G R Raghavender Director, CSS from M/O-HRD to D/O- IPP PDF(English)
86 3/1/2014-CS-I(D) 28/04/2014 Posting of Sh. P. Vinayagam, Director and Sh.K. Touthang, Director of CSS PDF(English)
87 3/1/2014-CS-I(D) 05/03/2014 Compulsory wait orders of DS/Director of CSS PDF(English)
88 3/1/2014-CS-I(D) 27/02/2014 Posting/transfer of three CSS DS/Director. PDF(English)
89 3/1/2013-CS-I(D)(Pt.I) 21/10/2013 Posting orders of CSS DS & Director. PDF(English)
90 3/1/2013-CS-I(D)(Pt.I) 17/09/2013 Postings/transfers of CSS Deputy Secretaries and Directors. PDF(English)
91 4/3/2013-CS-I(D) 07/08/2013 Transfer of CSS Deputy Secretaries and Directors. PDF(English)
92 3/2/2013-CS.I(D) 25/07/2013 Transfer of Shri Ashwini Kumar, Director PDF(English)
93 4/3/2013-CS-I(D) 21/06/2013 Posting of Ms. Nita Kejriwal, Director PDF(English)
94 4/3/2013-CS-I(D) 18/06/2013 Rotational transfer of Directors/Deputy Secretaries of CSS. PDF(English)
95 3/2/2013-CS.I(D)(Pt.) 10/05/2013 Rotation Transfer of Deputy Secretary/Director of CSS PDF(English)
96 21/3/2013-CS-I(D) 26/03/2013 Rotation/Transfer of Smt Poonam Juneja,CSS officer PDF(English)
97 4/2/2013-CS-I(D) 07/03/2013 Transfer of Sh. J.P. Agarwal, J.S. (in-situ) of CSS. PDF(English)
98 4/2/2013-CS-I(D) 07/03/2013 Transfer of Smt. Anju Bhalla, Director of CSS. PDF(English)
99 4/2/2013-CS-I(D) 07/03/2013 Posting of Ms. Poonam Juneja,Director and Sh. S.k. Shahi, Director of CSS. PDF(English)
100 4/2/2013-CS-I(D) 01/02/2013 Modification of Rotational Transfer Orders of CSS DS/Directors. PDF(English)
101 4/2/2013-CS.I(D) 29/01/2013 Rotational Transfer of CSS Officers. PDF(English)
102 10/1/2012-CS-I(D) 18/01/2013 Rotational transfer of Sh. Shyam Kapoor, JS, CSS. PDF(English)
103 3/1/2013-CS-I(D)(Pt.I) 17/01/2013 Tansfer of CSS Directors. PDF(English)
104 10/1/2012-CS.I(D) 30/11/2012 Rotational Transfer of Joint Secretaries (In-situ) of the CSS. PDF(English)
105 3/1/2012-CS-I(D) 31/08/2012 Transfer of Sh. Chanan Ram, Director, CSS under RTP. PDF(English)
106 3/1/2012-CS.(ID) 19/06/2012 Transfer of DS/Dir under RTP. PDF(English)
107 3/6/2011-CS.I(D) 31/05/2012 Rotational Transfer of DS & Dir of CSS with more than 5 years of service as on 01.01.12 in the same Min./Deptt. PDF(English)
108 3/6/2010-CS.I(D) 04/10/2010 Details of incumbency in the Selection and Sr. Selection Grade of CSS PDF(English)
109 4/2/2010-CS.I(D) 25/08/2010 Rotation Transfer of DS/Director PDF(English)
110 No.4/1/2006-CSI 31/10/2007 Posting/Transfer of CSS Directors order. PDF(English)