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List Of Available OM(s)/NOTIFICATION(s) As Per Your Query (For Archived Circulars in English)
Instructions on Inter Cadre Deputations/ Transfers

O.M/Notification No.
O.M/Notification Date
PDF File
1 37/10/2015-EO (SM-I) 25/06/2018 extension of tenure of Inter cadre deputation of Shri K.Satyanarayana, IPS(UP 1998). PDF(English)
2 37/3/2018-EO(SM-I) 24/03/2018 Extension of ICD of Ms Pratiksha Godara IPS AGMUT 2011 for two years beyond 12.02.2018. PDF(English)
3 37/6/2018-EO(SM-I) 24/03/2018 ICD of Shri R Sampheal IAS UP 2003 from UP to JK cadre for three years. PDF(English)
4 37/3/2018-EO(SM-I) 24/03/2018 ICD of Shri HA Modak IAS MN 2008 from Manipur to Maharashtra for three years. PDF(English)
5 37/47/2011-EO(SM-I) 23/03/2018 ICD Extension of Shri Manish Kumar Verma IAS OR 2000 to Bihar Cadre - reg. PDF(English)
6 37/51/2008-EO(SM-I) 22/11/2017 Regularisation of overstayal of Shri DK Tiwari IAS (PB 1994) on ICD. PDF(English)
7 37/24/2017-EO(SM-I) 23/10/2017 ICD of Dr Jitender Gupta, IAS BH 2013. PDF(English)
8 37/33/2013-EO(SM-I) 23/10/2017 Inter-Cadre transfer of Ms. Vipra Bhal, IAS (GJ 2006) and Shri Jitendra Kumar Singh, IAS (JK 2008) PDF(English)
9 37/9/2014-EO(SM-I) 04/08/2017 ICD extension of Ms Bala Naga Devi IPS TN 1995 from Tamil Nadu to Telengana cadre PDF(English)
10 37/11/2017-EO(SM-I) 01/08/2017 ICD of Shri Alok Kumar Pandey IAS GJ 2006 from Gujarat cadre to Uttar Pradesh cadre for a period of three years on personal grounds PDF(English)
11 37/10/2013-EO(SM-I) 01/08/2017 ICD Extension of Ms A Mona IAS HY 2006 from Haryana cadre to AGMUT cadre Delhi Segment for a further period of one year PDF(English)
12 37/4/2014-EO(SM-I) 31/07/2017 ICD of Ms Maya IFoS MN 2010 from Manipur cadre to Kerala cadre for a period of three years PDF(English)
13 37/21/2012-EO(SM-I) 13/07/2017 ICD Premature repatriation of Ms. Sonali Ponkshe Viyangankar, IAS (MP 2000) from MH to MP cadre. PDF(English)
14 37/10/2017-EO(SM-I) 11/07/2017 ICD of Shri Vivek Raj Singh IPS AM 2006 from Assam Meghalaya to Madhya Pradesh cadre for three years PDF(English)
15 37/16/2017-EO(SM-I) 11/07/2017 ICD of Dr Karuna Kumari IAS AM 2010 from Assam-Meghalaya to Bihar Cadre PDF(English)
16 37/14/2012-EO(SM-I) 11/07/2017 Extension of ICD of Ms Saumya Gupta IAS TR 2004 PDF(English)
17 37/8/2013-EO(SM-I) 01/06/2016 Extension of Inter Cadre Deputation of Sh Anoop Khinchi IAS NL 2008 in Rajasthan Cadre for 2 years PDF(English)
18 37/10/2016-EO(SM-I) 01/06/2016 Inter Cadre deputation of Shri Satender K Sagar IFS PB 2004 for 3 years to Madhya Pradesh PDF(English)
19 37/13/2016-EO(SM-I) 01/06/2016 Inter Cadre Deputation of Shri SR Natesha IFS JHK 2003 to Karnataka Cadre for 3 years PDF(English)