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CSS [Opportunities for Retired CSS Officers]

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1 21/01/2021-CS.I(Coord) 14/03/2022 Engagement of consultants in the National Water Development Agency on contract basis. PDF(English)

2 21/01/2021-CS.I(Coord.) 08/03/2022 Engagement of Retired Central Government Servents on Contract basis at SO/ASO Level Consultants in Central Government sevices reg. PDF(English)

3 21/01/2021-CS.I(Coord.) 08/03/2022 Engagement of Consultant in National Sports Development Fund. PDF(English)

4 21/01/2021-CS.I (Coord) 08/03/2022 Engagement of consultants in the Capacity Building Commission on contract basis. PDF(English)

5 21/7/2019CS-I(P) 09/08/2019 Engagement of consultants in the Department of Health and Family Welfare on contract basis PDF(English)

6 21/12/2018-CS.I(P) 25/04/2019 Engagement of Consultants in Financial Intelligence Unit-India (FIU-IND) under Department of Revenue. PDF(English)

7 21/12/2018 CS-I(P) 12/03/2019 Engagement of Consultant in Ministry of Corporate Affairs. PDF(English)

8 21/6/2017-cs.I (P) 04/05/2018 Engagement of Consultant in Department of Post. PDF(English)

9 21/6/2017-CS-I(P) 13/03/2018 Filling up the post Engagement of Consultants-reg. PDF(English)

10 21/6/2017-CS-I(P) 26/10/2017 Engagement of Consultant in Supreme court committee on Road Safety-reg. PDF(English)

11 21/4/2017-CS-I (P) 02/06/2017 Engagement of Consultant in the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. PDF(English)

12 21/1/2017-CS-I(S) 05/04/2017 Filling up of vacancy of Consultant (Vigilance)in the Kendriya Bhandar. PDF(English)

13 21/4/2015-CS.I(P) 16/12/2015 Engagement of Consultant A and B in the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs - reg PDF(English)

14 21/3/2014-CS-I-D 14/12/2015 Engagement of retired officers of CSS as consultant on contract basis - reg PDF(English)

15 21/4/2015-CS.I(P) 13/05/2015 Engagement of a retired officer of CSS as consultant/ advisor at SAI, New Delhi - reg PDF(English)

16 No. I-28011/5/2015-Coord. 08/01/2015 Engagement of a retired officer of CSS as consultant in DOP&T on contract basis- regarding. PDF(English)

17 21/2/2010-CS-I(S) 20/09/2010 Engagement of consultants of all types (including Stenographers/PAs) on short term/contract basis in the Ministry of Culture. PDF(English)

18 A-13011/9/2010-Estt. 12/05/2010 Retired Section Officers to be engaged on outsourcing basis - names thereof - regarding PDF(English)

19 BVB/DK/D/10-11/1010 15/04/2010 Requirement of CSS personnel (Retired) in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. PDF(English)