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SR - Recent Orders - Madhya Pradesh

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1 14/6/2016-SR(S) 30/04/2019 Revision of allocation of employees of erstwhile State of M.P. in 28th meeting of Advisory Committee PDF(English) PDF(Hindi)
2 14/68/2011-SRS 29/03/2012 Change of State Allocation PDF(Hindi) PDF(HTML)
3 14/81/2009-SRS 29/03/2012 Revision of allocation of Ajay Kelkar, Assistant Fisheries Inspector PDF(Hindi) PDF(HTML)
4 14/100/2008-SRS 29/03/2012 Revision of allocation of Shri Ramsahai Anil, S.I.(Radio) Operator, D/O Home PDF(Hindi) PDF(HTML)
5 14/24/2008 29/03/2012 Revision of state allocation of employees of D/O Agriculture, MP PDF(Hindi) PDF(HTML)
6 14/78/2011-SRS 21/03/2012 Revision of state alloation of Shri Anand Kumar Tewari, RAEO, D/o Agriculture PDF(English)
7 14/6/07-SR(S) 16/03/2012 Revision of state allocation of Sh. V S Mishra, Sub Engineer, D/o Water Resources from Chhattisgarh to Madhya Pradesh PDF(English)
8 14/48/2010-SR(S) 20/12/2010 Revision of allocation of Shri AR Gajbhiye, Sub-Engineer PDF(Hindi) PDF(HTML)
9 14/33-10-SR(S) 18/01/2011 Revision of allocation of Shri PSV Nair, ARO, WRD PDF(English)
10 14/66/10-SRS 08/09/2010 Revision of state allocation PDF(Hindi) PDF(HTML)