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1 6/6/2015-CS.I(S) 09/02/2015 Zone of consideration for inclusion in Select List of Section Officers Grade of CSS for the year 2013 against Seniority Quota- regarding PDF(English)
2 11/1/2011-CS-I(S) 18/02/2011 Draft All Sectt. SL of SOs grade for the year 2003 - reg. PDF(English)
3 9/9/2007-CS-I(S) 22/02/2011 MA No,2934/2010 in OA No.1083/2007 in the matter of Shri Sauranshu Sinha and Ors. Vs. UOI and Ors in the PB, CAT, New Delhi - forwarding of the copies thereof. PDF(English)
4 11/1/2011-CS-I(S) 18/02/2011 Draft All Secretariat Select List of Section Officers for the year 2003 - regarding. PDF(English)
5 4/10/2000-CS-I 25/09/2008 Common Seniority List of SOs issued vide OM No.4/10/2000-CS.I dated 14.03.2001 - interpolation of DR SOs belonging to CSE 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995 & 1995 - regarding PDF(English)
6 4/10/2000-CS.I 07/01/2010 Draft Common Seniority List (CSL) of Section Officers' (SOs) of those who are in the Select List 1998 to 2002 - regarding PDF(English)
7 11/3/2008-CS.I 29/04/2009 Draft All Secretariat Select List of Section Officers' Grade for the year 2000, 2001 & 2002 - regarding. PDF(English)
8 4/10/2000-CS.I 30/07/2008 Draft Common Seniority List of Sectin Officers PDF(English)