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CSS [Promotions (Adhoc) (DS to Dir)]

O.M/Notification No.
O.M/Notification Date
PDF File
1 3/1/2021-CS.I(D) 28/06/2021 Promotion and posting of Shri A D James, Director. PDF(English)

2 3/1/2021-CS.I(D) 18/05/2021 Posting of Shri A D James PDF(English)

3 4/6/2018-CS.I(D)(pt.) 08/01/2021 Promotion to Director Grade on adhoc basis PDF(English)

4 4/6/2018 28/12/2020 Corrigendum to Order No. 4/6/2018-CS.I(D) (Pt.II) dated 24.12.2020 PDF(English)

5 4/6/2018-CS.I(D)(pt.II) 24/12/2020 Posting of Directors of CSS PDF(English)

6 4/6/2018-CS I(D) Pt. II 21/12/2020 Joining of Officers DS to Director on Promotion(ad-hoc) reg. PDF(English)

7 4/6/2018-CS.I(D) 11/12/2020 Promotion to the grade of Director of CSS on ad-hoc basis - reg PDF(English)

8 3/1/2011-CS-I(D) 03/07/2015 Corrigendum regarding promotion to the Grade of Director, CSS on ad-hoc basis- Extension of period PDF(English)

9 3/1/2011-CS-I(D) 01/05/2015 Promotion to the Grade of Director, CSS on ad-hoc basis- Extension of period upto 30.06.2016 PDF(English)

10 21/3/2015-CS.I(P) 19/03/2015 Promotion in the various grades of Central Secretariat Service(CSS) - clarifications in respect of officers on mandatory training regarding. PDF(English)

11 F.No.3/1/2011-CS-I(D) 10/11/2014 Ad-hoc promotion of CSS officers to Sr. Selection Grade (Director). PDF(English)

12 3/1/2011-CS-I(D) 17/07/2014 Ad-hoc promotion to Sr. Selection Grade (Director) of CSS PDF(English)

13 3/1/2011-CS-I(D) 28/05/2014 Posting of Sh. Prakash Kumar Tamrakar, Director (ad-hoc), CSS. PDF(English)

14 3/1/2011-CS-I(D) 13/05/2014 Ad-hoc promotion of Selection Grade (DS)officers of CSS to Senior Selection Grade (Director). PDF(English)

15 3/1/2011-CS-I(D) 02/05/2014 Ad-hoc Promotion of Selection Grade(DS) Officers of CSS to Senior Selection Grade(Director) PDF(English)

16 3/1/2011-CS-I(D) 30/04/2014 Ad-hoc Promotion to Senior Selection Grade(Director) of CSS PDF(English)

17 3/1/2012-CS.I(D) 05/09/2012 Promotion Order of Shri K. Muralidharan as Director of CSS. PDF(English)

18 3/4/2009-CS.I(D) 08/02/2010 Promotion of CSS Officers from Deputy Secretary to Director PDF(English)