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क्र० स० / S.No.
न० / No.
दिनांक / Date
विषय / Subject
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1 29/05/2016-SR(S) 23/11/2023
Revision of final allocation of Smt. K.Rajeswari, Child Development Project Officer, ICDS Project, WD and CW Directorate in compliance of the direction of the Honble HC of Andhra Pradesh at Amaravati dated 09.10.2023 in WP(AT) No. 79 of 2021 reg.

2 29/01/2016-SR(S) 13/03/2023
Revision of final allocation of Dr. B.Subba Rayudu, Joint Director Class-A, O/o Director of Animal Husbandry in compliance of Order dated 8.12.2020 in WP (TR) No. 5482/2017 of High Court of Telangana at Hyderabad and Order dated 14.9.2022 of Supreme Court in SLPs No. 1565-1566/2021 - upholding the Order of the High Court.

3 29/47/2015-SR(S) 16/12/2021
Revision of final allocation of Smt. K. Lakshmi Bai, Senior Assistant, Commissioner / Director of Survey Settlements, Lands Records, Settlements and Jagir Administration, Revenue Department, in compliance of order dated 12.02.2021 passed by the Honble High Court of Telangana in WP No. 21300/2020 - reg.

4 27/71/2015-SR(S) 05/12/2019
Revision of final allocation of Smt. Uzma Nikhat, Senior Assistant, O/o Director General and Inspector General of Prisons and Correctional Services, in compliance of order dated 28.01.2019 by the Telangana HC in WP TR No.5680 of 2017

5 29/08/2017-SR(S) 10/12/2018
Allocation of Subordinate Judicial Officers between the Successor States of Anadhra Pradesh and Telangana in compliance of the Judgment dated 03 October 2018 passed by the Honourable Suprere Court in WP No 85 of 2015 with SLP Nos 18787 to 18790 of 2016

6 29/05/2016-SR(S) 20/12/2017
Revise final allocation order of Shri T Ravinder, Shri V Ravi Kumar and Shri R Ravan working as Senior Assistants, O/o the Women Development & Child Welfare, from AP to TS - reg.

7 29(C)/38/2017-SR(S) 06/10/2017
Revision of final allocation of Dr. P.V.Praveen Kumar, Associate Professor of Anaesthesia in compliance of High Court order dated 25.04.2017 - reg.