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Ministry / Department : D/o Pensions & Pensioners Welfare
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O.M/Notification Date
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1 17/3/2021-P&PW-E7179 06/08/2021 Guidelines for timely and qualitative disposal of Pensioners Grievances-reg PDF(English)

2 No. 55/11/2017-P&PW (C)/E-4513 26/08/2020 Facility for Central Government Civil Pensioners to store Electronic PPO in Digi Locker PDF(English)

3 12/4/2020-P&PW(C)-6300 15/05/2020 Consolidated instructions for Pension Disbursing Authorities to ensure smooth payment of pension/family pension to pensioners/family pensioners. PDF(English)

4 55/23/2019-P&PW(C) 16/12/2019 Rectification of error about date of applicability for pension crept in DoP&PWs publication entitled - Know Your Retirement Benefits. PDF(English)

5 1311/2019-P&PW(Coord)-E.6207 04/12/2019 Two days training Programme on Pension Rules and working on Bhavishya Module for officials/officers dealing with Pension related matters. PDF(English)

6 Z15025/36/2019/DIR/CGHS/CGHS(P) 19/08/2019 Annual Health Check-up at Hospitals empanelled under CGHS in respect of CGHS Pensioner beneficiaries (Primary card holders) aged 75 years and above-regarding PDF(English)

7 41/21/2000-P&PW(D) 19/02/2019 Issue of Pensioners Identity Card to Pensioners- Revised Format. PDF(English)

8 55/26/2018-P&PW(C) 27/08/2018 Observance of Swachhata Hi Seva 2018 (SHS) again from 15th September to 2nd October, 2018. PDF(English)

9 55/1412018-P&PW (C) 23/05/2018 Invitation of nominations for National Awards for Senior Citizens (Vayoshreshtha Samman) 2018 to eminent senior citizens and institutions for distinguished service for the cause of elderly persons - reg. PDF(English)

10 12014/1/2017-Admin.I 20/02/2018 Appointment of Chief Vigilance Officer. PDF(English)

11 CPAO/Co-ord/(100)/2017-18/491 22/01/2018 7th CPC Pension Revision Status. PDF(English)

12 F.No.G-17012/3/2012-B&A 23/08/2017 Delegation of Financial Powers PDF(English)

13 3/32/2016-SR 17/07/2017 Opportunity for retired central govt. pensioners to be picked up as inspecting officers examinations to be conducted by staff selection commission, Chennai. PDF(English)

14 57/1/2016-P&PW(B) 16/01/2017 Measures for streamlining the implementation of the National Pension System for Central Government employees - reg. PDF(English)


16 No. 41/21/2000-P&PW-(D) 26/10/2016 Issue of Pensioners Identity Card to pensioners with National Emblem -reg. PDF(English)
17 No. 29/07/2016 Opportunity for Retired Central Government Pensioners registered under Sankalp, to work as Inspecting Officer for Staff Selection Commission PDF(English)


19 I-11011/147/2015-DBT 16/03/2016 Seeding of bank accounts of pensioners with Aadhaar numbers -reg. PDF(English)

20 55/30/2015 P&PW(C) 10/02/2016 Implementation of Bhavishya in Ministries/Department including their attached/subordinate offices - Training on Bhavishya by NICSI empanelled agencies. PDF(English)

21 4/4/2015-P&PW(Coord) 08/01/2016 Workshop on Anubhav and Sankalp scheduled to be held on 19.02.2016 at Vigyan Bhawan PDF(English)

22 No. 41/21/200-P&PW(D) 17/12/2015 Issue of Pensioners Identity Card to pensioners. PDF(English)
23 G-17012/3/2012-B&A 03/12/2015 Delegation of Financial Powers -Enhanced Financial Powers to Head of the Department, D/o Pension and Pensioners Welfare - regarding. PDF(English)

24 No. 55/6/2015-P&PW(C) 29/09/2015 Streamlining Action on Pension grievances - uploading of replies given by the Ministries/Departments to the petitioner on CPENGRAMS. PDF(English)

25 No. 4/2/2014-P&PW (Coord.) 29/09/2015 Minutes of the Review Meeting on Anubhav held on 22.9.2015 at Sardar Patel Bhawan, New Delhi - reg PDF(English)

26 No.1 119/2013-P&PW(E) 16/09/2015 Verification of qualifying service after 18 years service and 5 years before retirement. PDF(English)

27 No. 41/21/2000-P&PW(D) 20/08/2015 Issue of Pensioners Identity Card to pensioners. PDF(English)
28 No 41/21/2000-P&PW(D) 12/08/2015 Issue of Pensioners Identity Card to Pensioners. PDF(English)
29 4/2/2014-P&PW (Coord.) 20/05/2015 Minutes of the Review Meeting on Anubhav held on 8.5.2015 at Lok Nayak Bhawan, New Delhi-reg. PDF(English)

30 No.4/2/2014-P&PW(Coord) 11/05/2015 Minutes of the Workshop on Anubhav held on 24.04.2015 at CSOI , New Delhi - reg. PDF(English)

31 4/2/2014-P&PW(Coord) 23/04/2015 Anubhav - Showcasing outstanding work done during service- Workshop Regarding PDF(English)

32 1/19/2014-P&PW (E) 01/04/2015 Enrolment for Aadhaar numbers and seeding in service records of all employees - regarding. PDF(English)

33 44011/5/2013-Admn.I 23/03/2015 Complaints Committee to enquire into complaints of sexual harassment at work place in the Department of Pension & Pensioners Welfare PDF(English)

34 4/2/2014-P&PW(Coord) 05/03/2015 Anubhav - showcasing outstanding work done during service- Submission of details by the retiring government employee Software application regarding PDF(English)
35 4/2/2013-P&PW(Coord.) 20/02/2015 Anubhav- Showcasing outstanding work done during services. PDF(English)

36 No. 55/1/2015-P&PW(C) 16/02/2015 Interactive Awareness Programme on Pensioners Portal and SANKALP PDF(English)

37 CGPA_KERALA_31122014 11/02/2015 Central Govt Pensioners Association, Kerala(CGPA) PDF(English)

38 1/1/2012-P&PW(Coord) 08/07/2014 Workshop on digitization scheduled to be held on 9th July, 2014 At 2.30 P.M. PDF(English)

39 56-6/2014-P&PW(C) 18/06/2014 Improvement in Pension disbursing System- Issues with State Bank of India Bank regarding PDF(English)

40 44011/2/2013-Admn.I 17/06/2014 Engagement of Consultant under the Plan Scheme Pensioners Portal PDF(English)

41 55/18/2014-P&PW (C) 28/03/2014 To fix timeline for redressal of grievances PDF(English)

42 15-39(89)/2013-14/AG-II 12/03/2014 Conferment of National Awards to the Senior Citizens & Institutions working in the field of ageing on the occasion of IDOP-2014 on 1st October, 2014-Extension of date of Submission PDF(English)

43 7-5/2013-P&PW(Coord.) 24/02/2014 Review and Updation of Citizens and Clients Charter (CCC)-CCC 2013-2014 PDF(English)

44 Q-11018/27/2012-NLM 29/01/2014 Empanelment of public spirited senior level retired Civil/Defence Service Officers as National Level Monitors(NLMs) for monitoring implementation of rural development programmes. PDF(English)

45 41/21/2000-P&PW(D) 25/07/2013 Issue of Identity Cards to Central Govt. Pensioners reg. PDF(English)

46 41/21/2000-P&PW (D) 30/04/2013 Issue of Identity Cards to Central Govt. Pensioners PDF(English)

47 33/5/2009-P&PW (F) 30/04/2013 Payment of Ex-Gratia lump-sum compensation to Central Civil personnel who are boarded out of service on account of disability attributable to or aggravated in service. PDF(English)

48 No.7-5/2013-P&PW(Coord.) 04/03/2013 Citizens/Clients Charter. PDF(English)

49 55/40/2012-P&PW(C) 31/12/2012 Introducing a Dedicated Day for Attending Pensioners in Person. PDF(English)

50 11013/5/2012 - Admn.I 01/11/2012 Engagement of one Consultant in the D/o Pension & Pensioners Welfare PDF(English)

51 N0 11013/3/2012-Admn. I 25/09/2012 Engagement of one Consultant(Legal) in Department of Pensions and Pensioners Welfare on contract basis PDF(English)

52 A-12015/04/2012-Admn/145 11/09/2012 Engagement of Consultants against the posts of Deputy Adviser(PHE), Assistant Adviser(PHE), Section Officer, Private Secretary, Assistant,PA, Accountant, Sr. Hindi Translator, Jr. Hindi Translator PDF(English)

53 35016/1/2011-Admn.I 30/08/2012 Filling up of one post of Cashier in the Department of Pension & Pensioners Welfare from amongst the UDCs working in the Cadre of Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions. PDF(English)

54 41/30/2011-P&PW(C) 13/01/2012 To fix the timeline for redressal of grievance PDF(English)

55 41/38/2011-P&PW(C) 21/09/2011 To extend necessary cooperation to the office bearers of idendtified pensioners associations in the matter of redressal of pensioners grievances PDF(English)

56 41-30-2011-P&PW(C) 21/09/2011 Minutes of the Advisory Committee meeting for web based Pensioners Portal held on 5-9-2011 under the Chairmanship of Secretary(Pension, AR&PG). PDF(English)

57 28020/2/2008-Admn.I 05/11/2009 Constitution of a Committee for deling with cases of sexual harassment of working women in the working place in the Department of Pension and Pensioners Welfare - regarding PDF(English)

58 41/21/2000-P&PW(D) 16/11/2000 Issue of Identity Cards to Central Government Pensioners PDF(English)