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Ministry / Department : D/o Personnel & Training
List Of Available OM(s)/NOTIFICATION(s) As Per Your Query (For Live Circulars in English)

O.M/Notification No.
O.M/Notification Date
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1 No. 28020/1/2010-Estt.(C) 17/08/2016 Technical Resignation and Lien - Consolidated guidelines. PDF(English)
2 No.28020/1/2010-Estt(C) 26/12/2013 Consolidated Instructions on Technical Resignation and Lien - regarding PDF(English)
3 No.28020/1/96-Estt(C) 09/02/1998 Notofication on Lien PDF(English)
4 No.28016/5/85-Estt(C) 31/01/1986 Appointment of Central Government servants in the Central Public Enterprises on immediate obsorption basis-terms and conditions of. PDF(English)

5 No.28015/2/80-Estt(C) 22/07/1980 Forwarding of applications of Government Servants working in a Department/Offices of the Central Govt. question regarding the retantion of lien in this parent Department. PDF(English)

6 No.8/4/70-Estt(C) 06/03/1974 Forwarding of application of Central Government Servants for posts under the State Government procedure for. PDF(English)

7 No.60/37/63-Estt(A) 14/07/1967 Forwarding of applications of Government servants working in a Department/Office of the Central Government to posts in other Central Government Department/Offices-question regarding the retention of lien in the parent department. PDF(English)

8 No.F.4-(3)-E-IV/A/63 01/10/1963 Termination of Lien of permanent Government servants on foreign service in the event of their permanent absorption under the foreign employer. PDF(English)