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CSSS [ACR(Status of Completion)]

O.M/Notification No.
O.M/Notification Date
PDF File
1 3/1/2016-CS.II(A) 02/05/2016 Status of Vigilance Clearance and Major/Minor Penalty certificate for preparation of panel of PPS of CSSS for SLY 2016- reg. PDF(English)
2 No.5/1/014-CS.II(A) 06/01/2015 Status of ACRs/APARs and disclosure certificate in respect of Sr.PPS grade of CSSS - reg. PDF(English)
3 3/2/2013-CS.II(A) 17/01/2014 Preparation of Panel of PPS of CSSS for SLY 2013- calling for deficient APARs, Vigilance clearance etc. -reg. PDF(English)
4 3/2/2013-CS.II(A) 10/01/2014 Promotion of PSs of CSSS to the grade of PPSs of CSSS for the SLY 2013- calling for deficient APARs etc.- regarding PDF(English)
5 3/2/2013-CS.II(A) 02/01/2014 Promotion of Private Secretary to the grade of Principal Private Secretary of CSSS for the SLY 2013 - calling for vigilance clearance regarding. PDF(English)
6 5/26/2010-CS-II 23/11/2011 Pending Vigilance Certificate/Major Minor Penalty Certificate & APAR Certificate for preparation of Panel of PPS for the Select List Year, 2010-reg. PDF(English)
7 1/1/2011-CS-II(A) 19/05/2011 Promotion of Senior Principal Private Secretary to the post of Principal Staff Officer (PSO) of CSSS - reg. PDF(English)