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SR (Clarification) - Bihar/MP/UP Reorganization

क्र० स० / S.No.
न० / No.
दिनांक / Date
विषय / Subject
पीडीएफ / PDF
1 27(C)/33/2005-SRS 24/08/2015
Clarification regarding eligibility criteria under the revised guidelines dated 27.03.2015 - reg.

2 27(C)/33/2005-SR(S) 27/03/2015 आवंटित राज्यों में शामिल नहीं हुए कर्मियों के संबंध में संशोधित दिशानिर्देश
Modified guidelines in respect of personnel not joined in the allocated state.
3 27/26/2006-SRS 19/12/2013
Consideration of allocation of SC/ST employees belonging to the hill sub-cadre and sub-state cadre, on the basis of option/domicile.

4 27/19/2011-SRS 12/08/2013
Representations received from teachers/lecturers of Secondary Education Deptt. in pursuance of judgment dt. 03.05.2013 of Honourable Supreme Court.

5 27/21/2011-SRS 05/08/2013
Appointment of personnel, who were not considered for allocation under the Reorganization Act because of their entry into Govt. Service after the appointed day.

6 27(C)/08/2012-SRS 27/05/2013 दिनांक 24.06.2010 को जारी दिशानिर्देशों के लागू होने के बारे में स्पष्टीकरण
Application of guidelines dt. 24.06.2010-clarification reg.

7 14/17/04-SR(S)-Part-II 07/06/2012 बिहार और झारखण्ड राज्य के सेवानिवृत्त/मृत्त राज्य सरकार कर्मचारियों के राज्य संवर्ग आबंटन के संबंध में स्पष्टीकरण
Clarification regarding State cadre allocation of retired/dead State Government employees of State of Bihar and Jharkhand.

8 27/18/2011-SRS 23/05/2012
Consideration of representations of OBC employees belonging to Hill Sub-Cadre, for revision of allocation from Uttarakhand to UP - regarding.

9 27/26/2006-SRS(Vol.III) 01/05/2012
Consideration of representations of SC/ST employees of erstwhile Hill Sub-Cadre for revision of allocation from Uttarakhand to U.P. -REG.

10 27/26/2006-SRS 24/06/2010
Clarification on allocation of SC/ST employees between the successor States in connection with reorganization of States - regarding.

11 19428-1-2009 04/02/2009 चिकित्सा कठिनाई और पति/पत्नी नीति के बारे में अधिसूचना
Notification regarding medical hardship and spouse policy.

12 20(c)10/2008-SRS 02/06/2008
regarding alloction orders

13 14/279/2002-SRS 08/06/2006
some orders and guidelines about allocation