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Life Certificate

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O.M/Notification Date
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1 18/1/2020-P&PW(H)-III-6786 31/12/2021 Extension of the time period of submission of life certificate for Central Government pensioners till 28th February 2022 in wake of current Covid-19 pandemic PDF(English)
2 18/1/2020-P&PW(H)-III-6786 01/12/2021 Extension of time period for submission of life certificate by pensioners - reg. PDF(English)
3 1(9)/2021-P&PW(H)-7472 22/09/2021 Compliance of Covid protocols while obtaining Life Certificates from Pensioners PDF(English)
4 1(8)/2021-P&PW(H)-7468 22/09/2021 Submission of Annual Life Certificate for pensioners/family pensioners living abroad. PDF(English)

5 1(8)/2021-P&PW(H)-7468 20/09/2021 Submission of Annual Life Certificate PDF(English)

6 No.18/1/2020-P&PW(C)-6681 11/09/2020 Extension of period for submission of Life Certificate from October 2020 till December 2020. PDF(English)

7 12/5/2020-P&PW(C)-6363 20/02/2020 Consolidated Instruction on Life Certificate and commencement of family pension if pensioner / family pensioner is living abroad. PDF(English)

8 12/4/2020-P&PW(C)-6300 17/01/2020 Obtaining of Life Certificate by Banks from the doorstep of the pensioners PDF(English)

9 1/20/2018-P&PW(E) 18/07/2019 Submission of Life Certificate. PDF(English)
10 1/20/2016-P&PW(E) 14/11/2017 Submission of Life Certificate-reg. PDF(English)
11 No. 14/11/2016 Date of Submission of Annual Life Certificate Extended upto 15.01.2017 PDF(English)

12 31/07/2015-PWP(E) 31/07/2015 Jeevan Pramaan an Aadhaar based Life Certification system has been launched to facilitate submission of life certificate by pensioners. PDF(English)
13 No. 1/19/20 14-P&PW (E) 10/06/2015 Minutes of the meeting held on 3rd June, 2015 for review of status of Aadhaar based authentication of Life Certificate for pensioners. PDF(English)

14 No. 1/19/2014-P&PW (E)( Pt) 29/04/2015 Wide publicity to Jeevan Pramaan - message from Joint Secretary (Pension) PDF(English)
15 1/19/2014-P&PW(E) 31/03/2015 Enrolment for Aadhaar Number and its seeding in pension records of all pensioners and family pensioners - regarding. PDF(English)
16 1/19/2014-P&PW (E)(i) 16/03/2015 Enrolment for Aadhaar numbers and seeding in service records of all employees - regarding. PDF(English)
17 CPAO/Tech/Life Certificate/2014-15/31-72 30/01/2015 Exemption from Physical Appearance for the Purpose of Life Certificate PDF(English)

18 CPAO/Tech/Simplification/2012-13/325 18/02/2013 Simplification of Pension Procedure - Amendment in para 15 and para 16 of Scheme for Payment of Pensions to Central Govt. Civil Pensioners by Authorised Bank PDF(English)

19 CPAO/Tech/Grievances/2010-11/531 30/06/2011 Life Certificate - Exemption from Personal Appearance PDF(English)