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CSS [Promotions (Regular) (US to DS)]

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O.M/Notification Date
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1 4/2/2010-CS.I(D) 16/11/2010 Retention of Sh. Surinder Kumar, DS till 31.03.2011 in UPSC PDF(English)
2 4/5/2008-CS-I(D) 02/11/2010 Compulsory wait and payment os salary of Sh. Parmjit Singh, DS PDF(English)
3 4/2/2010-CS.I(D) 20/10/2010 Posting of Sh. AK Srivastava, DS in DOPT PDF(English)
4 4/2/2010-CS.I(D) 12/08/2010 Filling up personal proforma by officers empanelled in Select List of Deputy Secretary of CSS for the year 2010(part) PDF(English)
5 18/3/2008-CS.I(P) 10/03/2010 Fixation of pay of CSS/CSSS officers at the time promotion from the grade of Under Secretary/equivalent to the grade of Deputy Secretary/equivalent regarding. PDF(English)
6 4/1/2009-CS.I(D) 08/01/2010 Inclusion in the Selection Grade (DS) Select List of CSS for the year 2007 of US. PDF(English)
7 4/1/2009-CS.I(D) 30/11/2009 Orders - posting on promotion as Deputy Secretary. PDF(English)