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CSS [Rotation Transfer (DS)]

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O.M/Notification Date
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1 4/7/2022-CS.I(D) 12/09/2022 Posting of Shri Pawan Kumar Mittal, Shri Ajay Kumar Gaur & Dr. Ashish Kumar Panda PDF(English)

2 4/7/2022-CS.I(D) 02/09/2022 Posting of Ms. V. Jayanthi and Shri U.K. Mukherjee. PDF(English)

3 4/5/2022-CS.I(D) 31/08/2022 Posting Order in r/o Shri SC Tamta and Smt. Padmaja Vashistha PDF(English)

4 4/4/2022-CS.I(D) 29/08/2022 Posting of Ms. Swwarupa Saraan, DS PDF(English)

5 4/4/2022-CS.I(D) 29/08/2022 Posting of Shri Mohan Lal Sharma, DS PDF(English)

6 4/6/2022-CS.I(D) 29/08/2022 Posting of Shri Varinder Singh, DS PDF(English)

7 4/6/2022-CS.I(D) 29/08/2022 Posting of Shri R.K. Ahluwalia, DS PDF(English)

8 4/6/2021-CS.I(D) 22/08/2022 Posting of Smt. Alka Soni, DS to DGLB-Chandigarh. PDF(English)

9 4/6/2021-CS.I(D) 22/08/2022 Posting of Shri Sushil Kumar Tripathi, DS to DRT-Allahabad. PDF(English)

10 4/5/2022-CS.I (D) 18/07/2022 Transfer and posting of CSS Officers. PDF(English)

11 4/5/2022-CS.I(D) 13/07/2022 Transfer/Posting of Smt. D.S. Nagalakshmi, Deputy Secretary of CSS PDF(English)

12 4/5/2022-CS.I(D) 11/07/2022 Transfer and Posting of Deputy Secretaries/ Directors of CSS. PDF(English)

13 4/5/2021-CS.I(D) 27/05/2022 Transfer and posting of Shri Deepak Sajwan, Deputy Secretary. PDF(English)

14 4/5/2021-CS.I(D) 02/05/2022 Transfer and posting of Shri SM Routray, DS to DoPT. PDF(English)

15 4/13/2021-CS.I(D) 28/10/2021 Deemed Relieving of CSS officer for joining to NMC PDF(English)

16 3/8/2019-CS.I(D) 08/10/2021 Transfer of Shri Sitaram Yadav, DS PDF(English)

17 5/1/2021-CS.I(U)(Pt.II) 22/09/2021 Posting of CSS Officers in National Medical Commission (NMC) PDF(English)

18 4/3/2021-CS.I(D) 17/09/2021 Posting of Shri Umashankar Thakur, DS(ad-hoc), on return from MDI to DoPT PDF(English)

19 5/1/2021-CS.I(U)(Pt.II) 15/09/2021 Posting of CSS officers in National Medical Commission. PDF(English)

20 4/6/2021-CS.I(D) 26/08/2021 Transfer and posting of Shri Parijat Diwan, DS in SSC(MPR), Raipur. PDF(English)

21 4/3/2019-CS.I(D) 10/08/2021 Posting of Shri R.S. Vaidya, Deputy Secretary in DGFASLI, Mumbai. PDF(English)

22 4/8/2021-CS.I (D) 02/08/2021 Transfer and posting of Shri O.P. Sharma, Deputy Secretary PDF(English)

23 4/3/2021-CS.I(D) 17/06/2021 Transfer of Shri R.K. Arora, DS of CSS and Shri Surat Singh, Director of CSS PDF(English)

24 4/4/2021-CS.I(D) 18/03/2021 Posting of Shri Jitender Kumar, DS(ad-hoc) on repatriation from deputation. PDF(English)

25 4/3/2021-CS.I(D) 18/03/2021 Posting of Shri Dibakar Mishra, DS(ad-hoc) PDF(English)

26 4/5/2020-CS.I (D) (Pt.III) 23/02/2021 Transfer and posting of Shri. Sanjay Kumar Singh, Deputy Secretary. PDF(English)

27 4/5/2020-CS.I (D) pt.I 12/02/2021 Posting of Deputy Secretaries-reg. PDF(English)

28 21/10/2019-CS.I (P)(pt) 10/02/2021 Posting of CSS Officers in Department of Legal Affairs-reg. PDF(English)

29 4/2/2018-CS.I(D) 05/02/2021 Posting of Sh. Anil Kumar, DS in M/o AYUSH PDF(English)

30 4/2/2017-CS.I(D) 02/02/2021 Posting of Sh. T.D. Krishnan in DRT-I Chennai PDF(English)

31 4/5/2020-CS.I(D)(pt.I) 08/01/2021 Posting of Deputy Secretaries of CSS - reg PDF(English)

32 4/5/2020-CS.I(D)(pt.1) 08/01/2021 Posting of Deputy Secretaries of CSS - Corrigendum PDF(English)

33 F.No.4/3/2019-CS-I(D) 01/12/2020 Transfer and posting of Smt. Alka Soni, Deputy Secretary. PDF(English)

34 4/2/2018-CS.I(D) 11/11/2020 Posting Order of Ms. S. Rajalakshmi, Deputy Secretary (CSS) to Department of Pharmaceuticals - reg PDF(English)

35 4/6/2019-CS.I(D) 15/10/2020 Transfer and Posting of Shri Shyam Sunder Modi, Deputy Secretary PDF(English)

36 4/6/2019-CS.I(D)(Part-1) 13/10/2020 Posting of Shri Sandeep Mohan Prasad, DS(ad-hoc) to Ministry of Defence PDF(English)

37 4/2/2018-CS.I(D) 27/07/2020 Transfer / Posting of Shri A.R. Sengupta, Deputy Secretary PDF(English)

38 4/3/2020-CS.I(D) 16/07/2020 Posting of Deputy Secretaries of CSS PDF(English)

39 4/3/2019-CS.I(D) 10/07/2020 Filling up of the post of DS of CSS at DGFASLI (Mumbai) in Ministry of Labour & Employment PDF(English)

40 4/3/2020-CS.I(D) 29/06/2020 Posting of Shri K. Sanjayan, Deputy Secretary and Shri Y.P. Dhewal, Deputy Secretary - reg. PDF(English)

41 4/2/2018-CS.I(D) 20/04/2020 Posting of Shri S.L. Shah, Deputy Secretary (Ad hoc) of CSS PDF(English)

42 4/1/2018-CS.I(D) 27/02/2020 Transfer of Shri Rajeev Sharma, DS (Ad-hoc) from UPSC to M/o Health and Family Welfare PDF(English)

43 4/2/2018-CS.I(D) 24/02/2020 Deemed relieving of Shri Arvind Kumar, DS (Ad-hoc) from D/o Heavy Industry PDF(English)

44 4/2/2018-CS.I(D) 24/02/2020 Transfer of Shri P.C. Meena, DS (Ad-hoc) from Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital to D/o of Heavy Industry PDF(English)

45 4/2/2018-CS.I(D) (Pt.2) 14/02/2020 Transfer of Shri Arvind Kumar, DS (Ad-hoc), (CSL No. 4874-A) CSS to DoPT PDF(English)

46 4/1/2018-CS.I(D) 14/01/2020 Posting of Ms. Alka Soni, DS (ad-hoc) to M/o Textiles PDF(English)

47 4/2/2018-CS.i(D) 14/01/2020 Posting of Shri Ananda Chandra Ojha, DS(ad-hoc) to M/o skill Dev. and Entrepreneurship PDF(English)

48 4/2/2018-CS.I(D) 18/12/2019 Posting of Ms. Archana Varma, DS (ad-hoc), CSS to MHA PDF(English)

49 4/2/2018-CS.I(D) 24/10/2019 Posting of Shri P.K. Roy, DS (ad-hoc) to M/o Shipping PDF(English)

50 4/2/2018-CS.I(D) 24/09/2019 Posting of Shri Murali Bhavaraju, DS(Adhoc) to DOP&T. PDF(English)

51 4/2/2018-CS.I(D) 24/09/2019 Posting of Shri R.K. Arora, DS(Adhoc) in M/o Tribal Affairs (NCST). PDF(English)

52 4/3/2015-CS.I(D)(pt.1) 22/08/2019 Posting of Ms. F.D. Initha, DS, to DGFT PDF(English)

53 4/1/2018-CS.I(D) 22/08/2019 Transfer of Shri S.N. Jasra, DS (ad-hoc) from SSC to NATGIRID PDF(English)

54 10/4/2018-CS.I(D) 08/08/2019 Posting of Shri U.K. Nair, DS(Adhoc) in Rural Development. PDF(English)
55 4/11/2019-CS.I(D) 06/08/2019 Posting of Shri A.K. Das, DS(Adhoc) in Defence. PDF(English)
56 04/01/2019-CS.I(D) 25/06/2019 Posting of Shri Ishwar Singh, DS(Adhoc) in M/o H&FW. PDF(English)

57 04/01/2019-CS.I(D) 25/06/2019 Posting of Shri Gulab Singh Panwar, DS(Adhoc) in M/o Jal Shakti. PDF(English)

58 04/01/2019-CS.I(D) 28/02/2019 Revised transfer order of Shri NP Joshi & Shri AK Bawalia and retaintion of Shri N. Simte, Dharmvir Sharma and Deepak Mitra. PDF(English)

59 04/01/2019-CS..I(D)(1) 28/02/2019 Transfer of Ms Zoya CB & Shri Ravinder Kumar. PDF(English)

60 3/1/2017-CS.I(D)(Pt.I) 21/02/2019 Posting of Smt. Poornima Malik, DS(Adhoc) in NITI Aayog. PDF(English)
61 4/4/2018-CS.I(D) 21/12/2018 Transfer of Shri Amrik Singh, DS from MHA to PMO. PDF(English)

62 4/4/2018-CD.I(D) 16/08/2018 Corrigendum - RTP regarding PDF(English)

63 4/4/2018-CS.I(D) 13/08/2018 RTP of DS/Director of CSS - regarding PDF(English)

64 3/8/2015-CS.I(D) 19/07/2018 Transfer of Shri Naresh Kumar Wadhwa, DS(CSL No. 5483) from Steel to Cabinet Secretariat PDF(English)

65 3/8/2015-CS.I(D) 28/06/2018 Transfer of Shri Sunil Pant, DS(CSL No 5795) from MHA to Cabinet Secretariat. PDF(English)

66 4/3/2018-CS.I(D) 12/06/2018 Posting of Shri SS Modi, DS to Rural Development PDF(English)

67 4/6/2016-CS.I(D)(Pt.) 07/06/2018 Transfer of Shri Ravi P. Katyal, DS(Adhoc) from Expenditure to HRD PDF(English)

68 4/2/2018-CS.I(D) 11/05/2018 Posting of Shri G Muthuraja, DS(adhoc) in Power on return from long leave PDF(English)

69 4/3/2017-CS.I(D) 09/05/2018 Posting of Shri Pramod Chand, DS(ad-hoc) to Social Justice and Empowerment on return form long leave. PDF(English)

70 4/2/2018-CS.I(D) 15/02/2018 Posting of Shri SS Rana, DS transfer from MHA to DOPT PDF(English)

71 4/6/2016-CS.I(D)pt.I 24/01/2018 Rotation transfer of DS/Dir for 2017 - Corrigendum PDF(English)

72 4/6/2016-CS.I(D) 23/01/2018 Rotation transfer of DS/Dir for 2017 PDF(English)

73 4/3/2017-CS.I(D) 15/12/2017 Posting of Shri Ravi Sunder, DS to Minority Affairs PDF(English)

74 3/4/2016-CS.I(D) 12/12/2017 Posting of Sh Vijay Kumar, DS of CSS in HRD PDF(English)

75 3/4/2016-CS.I(D) 12/12/2017 Corrigendum Posting of Sh Vijay Kumar, DS of CSS in HRD PDF(English)

76 4/3/2017-CS.I(D) 01/12/2017 Additional charge of Director, National Commission for Minorities to Shri N A Siddiqui, DS, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change for three months PDF(English)

77 3/5/2017-CS.I(D) 17/11/2017 Posting of Shri Krishan Kumar, DS to MHA on return from deputation PDF(English)

78 3/4/2016-CS-I (D) 08/11/2017 Transfer of Shri P.S.Tomer,DS (CSL No.5815) in M/o Youth Affairs & Sports - reg. PDF(English)
79 4/2/2016-CS.I(D) 04/10/2017 Posting of Smt Rajbala Singh, Deputy Secretary,(CSL No. 5566) to Ministry of Home Affairs. PDF(English)

80 4/2/2016-CS.I(D) 04/10/2017 Posting of Shri M.C. Pandey, Deputy Secretary,(CSL No. 5003) to Ministry of Defence. PDF(English)

81 3/4/2017-CS.I(D) 18/09/2017 Posting of Shri Raj Kumar DS to MHA PDF(English)

82 3/5/2017-CS.I(D) 14/09/2017 posting order of Shri T.S. Rautela, Deputy Secretary(CSS) PDF(English)

83 4/6/2016-CS-I(D) 13/01/2017 Rotational Transfer of CSS officers of Deputy Secretary grade and above during the year 2016 - regarding PDF(English)

84 4/2/2015-CS-I(D) 20/10/2015 Posting of Sh. S. Gopalkrishna, Deputy Secretary, CSS PDF(English)

85 4/2/2015-CS-1(D) 25/08/2015 Posting of Director/DS of CSS PDF(English)

86 4/3/2015-CS-I(D)(Pt.1) 17/08/2015 Posting of CSS Officers (Director/DS level) in the Zonal offices of DGFT PDF(English)

87 4/4/2015-CS-I(D) 07/04/2015 Rotational transfer of CSS officers of DS Grade and above- Furnishing of revised options PDF(English)

88 4/4/2015-CS-I (D) 27/03/2015 Rotational Transfer of CSS officers of DS Grade and above - Furnishing of personal information thereof. PDF(English)

89 4/2/2015-CS-I-D 27/03/2015 Posting/Transfer of Directors/Deputy Secretaries of CSS. PDF(English)

90 No. 3/1/2013-CS.I(D)Pt. I) 18/07/2014 Rotational Transfer of Shri Surendra Kumar Garg, Deputy Secretary from Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to Ministry of Water Resources. PDF(English)

91 3/1/2014-CS-I(D) 08/05/2014 Postings/transfers of CSS JS(in-situ), Directors and Deputy Secretaries PDF(English)

92 3/1/2014-CS-I(D)(Pt.1) 01/04/2014 Posting of Sh. Bijender Singh, Deputy Secretary of CSS. PDF(English)

93 4/3/2013-CS-I(D) 12/12/2013 Trasfers of CSS DS PDF(English)

94 3/1/2013-CS-I(D)(Pt.I) 08/11/2013 Transfer of two Deputy Secretaries of CSS. PDF(English)

95 3/1/2013-CS.I(D)/Pt. 23/10/2013 Posting of Shri S.P. Roy, Deputy Secretary (Adhoc) in Ministry of Commerce & Industry (Department of Commerce). PDF(English)

96 3/1/2013-CS-I(D)(Pt.I) 21/10/2013 Posting of Sh. SP Roy, DS (ad-hoc) of CSS. PDF(English)

97 3/1/2013-CS-I(D)(Pt.I) 18/09/2013 Posting of Smt. Rita Dogra, DS (ad-hoc) of CSS. PDF(English)

98 4/2/2013-CS-I(D) 16/04/2013 Transfer of Sh. J.S. Gupta, DS (ad-hoc),CSS. PDF(English)

99 21/1/2012-CS-I(D) 23/01/2013 Transfer of Sh. M.M. Singh, DS under the RTP. PDF(English)

100 3/1/2012-CS.I(D) 19/06/2012 Transfer of DS/Dir under RTP. PDF(English)

101 3/6/2011-CS.I(D) 31/05/2012 Rotational Transfer of DS & Dir of CSS with more than 5 years of service as on 01.01.12 in the same Min./Deptt. PDF(English)

102 3/6/2010-CS.I(D) 04/10/2010 Details of incumbency in the Selection and Sr. Selection Grade of CSS PDF(English)

103 No.21/27/2006-CSI(D) 04/02/2008 Rotational transfers/postings of Deputy Secretaries of CSS regarding. PDF(English)

104 No.4/1/2006-CSI 31/10/2007 Posting/Transfer of CSS Deputy Secretary order.. PDF(English)