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CSS [Training Policy (General)]

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O.M/Notification Date
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1 21/20/2014-CS.I(P) 02/05/2016 Revised Guidelines regarding Centralization of Cadre Management of CSS with the CS Division of DOPT PDF(English)

2 21/2/2014-CS.I(Trg.) 21/03/2016 Constitution of Committees to review the training programmes for the officers of CSS, CSSS/CSCS - communication address of nominated members - reg PDF(English)

3 21/3/2015-CS.I(P) 19/03/2015 Promotion in the various grades of Central Secretariat Service(CSS) - clarifications in respect of officers on mandatory training regarding. PDF(English)

4 8/5/2013-CS.I(Trg)-Vol.II 24/01/2014 Exemption from mandatory training under CSS-CTP - reckoning of cut-off age of 58 years PDF(English)

5 8/1/2013-CS.I(Trg) 05/09/2013 Successful completion of mandatory CSS Training Programmes - clarification regarding. PDF(English)

6 8/13/2012-CS.I(Trg) 21/05/2013 Development of E-modules as training tool for CSS officers - invitation of applications reg. PDF(English)

7 7/8/2012-CS.I(A) 16/10/2012 Appointment of Assistants(DR) of Central Secretariat Service based on Combined Graduate Level Examination - reg PDF(English)

8 8/4/2012-CS.I(Trg.)-Vol.II 29/08/2012 CSS officers not being relieved under exigencies of work-regarding PDF(English)

9 8/12/2010-CS.I(Trg) 13/01/2012 Training Programmes for all the officers of CSS - amendment to Cadre Training Plan. PDF(English)

10 08/16/2010-CS.I(Trg) 29/12/2010 Induction/Orientation Training Programme for Officers/Staff on transfer/posting to new Ministries/Departments. PDF(English)

11 8/11/2010-CSI(Trg) 05/04/2010 Notification for mandatory training programme under Cadre Training Plan - reg. PDF(English)

12 11/3/2008-CS-I(Trg) 19/03/2010 Orientation training for Officers (Assistants/SOs/USs) who are transferred to new Departments/Ministries on Recruitment/Transfer/Promotion - reg. PDF(English)

13 1/1/2009-CSI(Trg) 24/02/2010 Training Programmes for all the officers of CSS - revised Cadre Training Plan. PDF(English)

14 11/1/2009-CS.I(Trg) 07/10/2009 Report of Committee on Cadre Training Plan (CTP) for the CSS amendments thereto - reg. PDF(English)

15 No.6/1/2008-CS.I(Trg) 04/06/2008 Constitution of a Monitoring Group on the CSS Training Programme. PDF(English)

16 No.1/4/2007-CS.I(Trg) 09/04/2008 Constitution of a Committee to review the Cadre Training Programme for CSS officers. PDF(English)

17 4/11/2005-CS.I 15/12/2006 Training Programme for all the officers of CSS from Upper DIvision Clerks to Senior Selection Grade(Director) - regarding. PDF(English)