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Circulars Relating to Other ACC appointments i.e. NON CSS

क्र० स० / S.No.
न० / No.
दिनांक / Date
विषय / Subject
पीडीएफ / PDF
1 4/20/2016-EO(SM.II) 25/07/2023
Re-appointment, extension or premature curtailment of appointment in cases where appointments are made with approval of the ACC

2 18/19/2016-EO(SM.II) 02/12/2021
Procedure for pre-mature termination of appointment on account of resignation.

3 No. 9/19/2016-EO(SM-II) 23/03/2018
Appointments to posts of Chairperson/Member/Presiding Officer/President, etc in Tribunals/Regulatory bodies under purview of the ACC.

4 No. 9/19/2016-EO(SM-II) 08/01/2018
Appointments to posts of Chairperson/Member/Presiding Officer/President, etc in Tribunals/Regulatory bodies under purview of the ACC

5 No. 9/23/2014-EO(SM-II) 22/08/2017
Policy and procedure for appointment to posts filled under the non-Central Staffing Scheme in various Ministries/Departments falling within the purview of the ACC-Cancellation of appointment and debarment of candidates - reg.

6 No. 20/7/2014/EO(SM.II) 05/01/2015
Policy and procedure for appointments in autonomous institutions through ACC.

7 No. 22/35/2011-EO (SM-II) 26/09/2014
Grant of extension/re-employment to Central Government servants beyond the age of superannuation.

8 No. 31/20/2008-EO(MM-I) 09/03/2012
Reg. - Regulation of tenure of the officers on Central Deputation under Central Staffing Scheme - seeking of Cadre Clearance for appointments to Non-CSS posts on shift basis.

9 No. 28/1/2007-EO(SM-II) 23/02/2010
Filling up of posts in Autonomous Bodies - placing the advertisement on DOPT Website.

10 No. 27/2/2009-EO(SM.II) 16/07/2009
Procedure to be followed in instance where selected candidate did not join after giving their consent to join in Autonomous/Statutary Organisation/ Regulatory Bodies.

11 No. 28/1/2007-EO(SM-II) 29/12/2008
Vacancies in Autonomous Organisations.

12 No. 28/13/2008-EO(SM.II) 18/09/2008
Constitution of the Committee for extension of service of Scientists beyond 60 years of age and limited upto 64 years of age.

13 27/1/2008-EO-(SM-II) 09/04/2008
Proposals for appointments (including Addl. Charge arrangements) for obtaining approval of the ACC-Summission of abstracts of ACRs.

14 44011/8/2006-Estt(B) 04/04/2008
PESB Resolution - reg

15 1/1/2005-EO(SM-II) 25/03/2008
Appointment to quasi-judicial positions requiring approval of the ACC.

16 No. 8/2/2006-EO(SM-II) 11/08/2006
Proposals for promotions for obtaining approval of ACC - Submission of abstracts of ACRs on the basis of which promotions are proposed

17 No. 28/13/2006-EO(SM-II) 03/07/2006
Policy & Procedure for appointments in Autonomous institutions, through the ACC

18 No. 22/41/2005-EO(SM-II) 23/03/2006
Essential Information/documents to be submitted alongwith proposals for consideration by the ACC.