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SNo.Order No.DateConcerned Officers Details
1 36/01/2022-EO(SM-I) 17/05/2022 Shri Ali Raza Rizvi, Indian Administrative Service, HP, 1988, TourismPDF(English)
2 36/01/2022-EO(SM-1) 13/05/2022 Shri Pankaj Kumar, Indian Administrative Service, NL, 1987, Drinking Water and SanitationPDF(English)
3 36/01/2022-EO(SM-1) 13/05/2022 Shri Indevar Pandey, Indian Administrative Service, WB, 1988, Social Justice & EmpowermentPDF(English)
4 36/01/2022-EO(SM-I) 13/05/2022 Shri K. Sanjay Murthy, Indian Administrative Service, HP, 1989, School Education & LiteracyPDF(English)
5 36/02/2022-EO(SM-I) 13/05/2022 Ms. Aditi Das Rout and others, Indian Trade Service, , 1986, Women and Child DevelopmentPDF(English)
6 36/02/2022-EO(SM-I) 13/05/2022 Ms. Manisha Sinha, Indian Postal Service , , 1992, Economic Affairs
Ms. Vandana Kumar, Indian Defence Accounts Service , , 1992, New & Renewable Energy
Shri Ajay Tewari, Indian Administrative Service, AM, 1993, Power
Shri Kumar Anugreh Prasad Sinha, Indian Administrative Service, PB, 1992, Home Affairs
Shri Pravir Pandey, Indian Audit & Account Service, , 1992, Environment, Forests and Climate Change
Shri Rakesh Kumar Singh, Indian Defence Accounts Service , , 1993, Home Affairs
Shri Rakesh Sarwal, Indian Administrative Service, TR, 1988, Minority Affairs
Shri S. Gopalakrishnan, Indian Administrative Service, TN, 1991, Health & Family Welfare
Shri Shyam Bhagat Negi, Indian Police Service , HP, 1990, Cabinet Secretariat
Shri Surendra Singh, Indian Administrative Service, JH, 1993, Social Justice & Empowerment
Shri Vivek Kumar Dewangen, Indian Administrative Service, MN, 1993, Power
7 36/02/2022-EO(SM-1) 13/05/2022 Ms Nidhi Chhibber, Indian Administrative Service, CG, 1994, Higher Education
Ms. Alka Nangia Arora, Indian Defence Accounts Service , , 1991, Agriculture & Farmers Welfare
Ms. L. S. Changsan, Indian Administrative Service, AM, 1994, Education
Ms. Trishaljit Sethi, Indian Postal Service , , 1990, Power
Shri Alok Shekhar, Indian Administrative Service, PB, 1994, Statistics & Programme Implementation
Shri Amar Nath, Indian Administrative Service, UT, 1994, AR & PG
Shri Charanjit Singh, Indian Forest Service, MP, 1990, Rural Development
Shri Jaideep Kumar Mishra, Indian Cost Accounts Service, , 1993, Electronics and Information Technology
Shri L. Satya Srinivas, Indian Revenue Service (IT) , , 1991, Home Affairs
Shri Vikas Sheel, Indian Administrative Service, CG, 1994, Drinking Water and Sanitation
8 33/05/2022-.EO(SM-I) 13/05/2022 Shri Rohit Kumar and others, Indian Administrative Service, RJ, 1997, Cabinet SecretariatPDF(English)
9 33/05/2022-EO(SM-1) 13/05/2022 Ms. Roop Avtar Kaur, Indian Forest Service, JH, 2000, Personnel & Training
Shri Anil Kumar Chhapolia, Indian Railway Personnel Service, , 1998, Military Affairs
Shri Himansu Badoni, Indian Railway Service of Engineers, , 1993, Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation
Shri Naveen Kumar Shah, Indian Forest Service, JK, 2000, Rural Development
Shri Piyush Singh, Indian Administrative Service, MH, 2000, Power
Shri Sunil Kumar Verma, Indian Railway Service of Signal Engineers, , 1995, Telecommunication
Shri Sushil Kumar Singh, Indian Railway Service of Mechanical Engineers, , 1993, Ports, Shipping and Waterways
Shri Vijay Bhatia, Indian Police Service , UP, 1995, External Affairs
10 33/05/2022-EO(SM-I) 13/05/2022 Ms. Anita Shah Akella, Indian Audit & Account Service, , 1996, Corporate Affairs
Shri Eddie Lalrinliana Khawlhring, Indian Cost Accounts Service, , 1995, Defence
Shri Mukesh Kumar Meshram, Indian Administrative Service, UP, 1995, Culture
Shri Pankaj Kumar Bansal, Indian Administrative Service, TN, 1997, Cooperation
Shri Rajeev Prakash, Indian P&T Finance & Accounts Service, , 1995, Defence Production
Shri Susanta Kumar Purohit, Indian Railway Service of Electrical Engineers, , 1996, Chemicals & Petro-Chemicals
11 33/05/2022-EO(SM-I) 13/05/2022 Ms. Aneeta C Meshram, Indian Administrative Service, UP, 1996, Fertilizers
Shri Angshuman Dey, Indian Forest Service, TR, 1997, Development of North Eastern Region
Shri Dheeraj Sahu, Indian Administrative Service, UP, 1996, Food & Public Distribution
Shri K.R. Vaidheeswaran, Central Secretariat Service (CSS), , -, Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities
Shri Sushil Pal, Indian Civil Accounts Service , , 1999, Electronics and Information Technology
12 33/05/2022-EO(SM-I) 13/05/2022 Shri B.C. Joshi, Indian Ordnance Factory Service, , 1992, Home Affairs
Shri Sanjeev Sehgal, Indian Railway Service of Electrical Engineers, , 1997, Home Affairs
Shri Senthil Rajan Chokkalingam, Indian Information Service, , 1997, Information & Broadcasting
13 6/22/2022-EO(MM-I) 13/05/2022 Shri Parthasarathy Bhaskar Devarakonda, Indian Revenue Service (C&CE) , , 2012, AR & PGPDF(English)
14 9/9/2022-EO(MM-I) 13/05/2022 Shri Rakesh Kumar, Others, , -, Rural DevelopmentPDF(English)
15 10/1/2019-EO(SM-1) 10/05/2022 Ms. Nidhi Mani Tripathi, Indian Administrative Service, MN, 2001, CommercePDF(English)
16 6/07/2022-EO(SM-1) 10/05/2022 Ms. Supriya Patil Yadav, Indian Police Service , MH, 2004, Home Affairs
Shri N. Venu Gopal, Indian Police Service , HP, 1995, Home Affairs
17 36/01/2022-EO(SM-I) 07/05/2022 Dr. Niten Chandra, Indian Administrative Service, OR, 1990, Legal AffairsPDF(English)
18 36/01/2022-EO(SM-I) 06/05/2022 Shri Aramane Giridhar, Indian Administrative Service, AP, 1988, Civil AviationPDF(English)
19 7/3/2017-EO(SM-I)(Pt.2) 06/05/2022 Appointment of Central Prabhari Officers, Others, , 1900, Personnel & TrainingPDF(English)
20 36/01/2022-EO(SM-I) 02/05/2022 Shri Tarun Kapoor, Indian Administrative Service, HP, 1987, Prime Minister OfficePDF(English)
21 36/01/2022-EO(SM-I) 02/05/2022 Shri Atish Chandra, Indian Administrative Service, BH, 1994, Prime Minister Office
Shri Hari Ranjan Rao, Indian Administrative Service, MP, 1994, Prime Minister Office
22 36/01/2022-EO(SM-I)(2) 02/05/2022 Shri Pradip Kumar Tripathi, Indian Administrative Service, UT, 1987, Cabinet SecretariatPDF(English)
23 36/01/2022-EO(SM-1) 02/05/2022 Ms. Neel Kamal Darbari, Indian Administrative Service, RJ, 1987, Cabinet Secretariat
Ms. S. Radha Chauhan, Indian Administrative Service, UP, 1988, Personnel & Training
Shri Alkesh Kumar Sharma, Indian Administrative Service, KL, 1990, Electronics and Information Technology
Shri Devendra Kumar Singh, Indian Administrative Service, KL, 1989, Home Affairs
Shri Gyanesh Kumar, Indian Administrative Service, KL, 1988, Cooperation
Shri Pradip Kumar Tripathi, Indian Administrative Service, UT, 1987, Cabinet Secretariat
Shri S.K.G. Rahate, Indian Administrative Service, JH, 1990, Law and Justice
Shri Sanjay Kumar, Indian Administrative Service, BH, 1990, Youth Affairs
24 36/01/2022-EO(SM-I) 02/05/2022 Ms. Archana Agrawal, Indian Administrative Service, UP, 1990, Housing & Urban Affairs
Shri Arun Baroka, Indian Administrative Service, UT, 1990, Drinking Water and Sanitation
Shri Atul Kumar Tiwari, Indian Administrative Service, KN, 1990, Skill Development and Entrepreneurship
Shri Ganji Kamala V. Rao, Indian Administrative Service, KL, 1990, Tourism
Shri K. Moses Chalai, Indian Administrative Service, MN, 1990, Development of North Eastern Region
Shri Vijoy Kumar Singh, Indian Administrative Service, PB, 1990, Textiles
25 36/01/2022-EO(SM-1)(2) 02/05/2022 Ms. Alka Upadhyaya, Indian Administrative Service, MP, 1990, Road Transport & HighwaysPDF(English)
26 36/01/2022-EO(SM-I) 29/04/2022 Dr. Rajesh S. Gokhale, Others, , -, Scientific & Industrial ResearchPDF(English)
27 18/2/2022-EO(MM-I) 27/04/2022 Shri Aditya Rajendra Bhojgadhiya, Indian Audit & Account Service, , 2013, RevenuePDF(English)
28 36/01/2022-EO(SM-I) 26/04/2022 Shri Apurva Chandra, Indian Administrative Service, MH, 1988, SportsPDF(English)
29 16/2/2022-EO(MM-I) 23/04/2022 Shri K. Balaji, Indian Administrative Service, UP, 2010, TourismPDF(English)
30 36/01/2022-EO(SM-1) 21/04/2022 Shri Jatindra Nath Swain, Indian Administrative Service, TN, 1988, Animal Husbandry and DairyingPDF(English)
31 22/2/2022-EO(MM-I) 21/04/2022 Ms Arjit Sagar, Indian Revenue Service (C&CE) , , 2009, Atomic EnergyPDF(English)