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Conduct, Disciplinary and Vigilance matters

Sr. No.DateSubjectView
1 03/02/2023Reviewing of guidelines for timely disposal of departmental proceedings against the officers of All India Services posted on Central Deputation – regView
2 02/02/2023Reviewing of guidelines for timely disposal of departmental proceedings against the officers of All India Services serving in connection with the affairs of the State Government / UTs - reg.View
3 23/12/2022Facilitate implementation of online filing of IPRs in IPR module of SPARROWView
4 21/12/2022Procedural aspects during the course of inquiry under Rule 14 of the CCS (CCA) RulesView
5 19/12/2022Clarification/ Interpretation of penalties under CCS (CCA) Rules, 1965View
6 09/12/2022Instruction on BondView
7 29/11/2022Simultaneous action of prosecution and initiation of departmental proceedingsView
8 29/11/2022Sharing of advice of UPSC with the Charged OfficerView
9 25/11/2022Special Procedure in Disciplinary ActionView
10 24/11/2022Disciplinary Jurisdiction of CAT/Election Commission of IndiaView
11 16/11/2022Grant of Honorarium to Inquiry Officers / Presenting Officers in the departmental inquiries conducted by the Ministries / Departments - reg.View
12 04/11/2022SuspensionView
13 04/11/2022Prevention of sexual harassment of working women at workplaceView
14 07/10/2022Imposition of penalty in the event of a death of the accused member of Service-clarification regarding.View
15 28/09/2022Grant of 'Vigilance Clearance' to AIS Officers & Central Civil Services/Central Civil postsView
16 28/09/2022Handling of complaints in Ministries/DepartmentsView
17 23/09/2022Representation from Government servants on service mattersView
18 13/09/2022Observance of proper procedure in official dealings between Administration & MPs and State LegislaturesView
19 31/08/2022Sanction for holding of an elective office by a Government ServantView
20 01/03/2019Guidelines for dealing with disagreement between Disciplinary Authority and Central Vigilance Commission in cases for granting sanction for prosecutionView
21 28/12/2018Departmental proceedings against Government servants – Procedure for consultation with the Union Public Service CommissionView
22 01/03/2017Procedure for dealing with cases of disagreement between disciplinary authority and CVC - instructions regarding consultation with UPSC.View
23 25/05/2016Procedure to be followed for suspension of All India Service officers posted in Ministries/Departments/State Governments under AIS(D&A) Rules, 1969View
24 17/11/2015Instructions regarding timely submission of proposals for initiating disciplinary proceedings against IAS Officers to Cadre Controlling Authority by Ministries / DepartmentsView
25 28/09/1978Central Vigilance Commission - cases of difference from/ non acceptance of the advice of CVC - procedure for consultation with the Department of Personnel and ARView