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Subject:- Instructions regarding timely submission of proposals for initiating disciplinary proceedings against IAS Officers to Cadre Controlling Authority by Ministries / Departments

It has been observed that proposals relating to initiation of disciplinary proceedings against IAS officers are received in DoP&T from the Ministries / Departments  close to the date of retirements of the officers. Due to delayed submission of proposals by Ministries / Departments, the Cadre Controlling Authority often finds it difficult to complete examination of the proposals and obtain the approval of Disciplinary Authority before retirement of the officers. In order to tackle the problem of delay in processing the proposals for initiation of disciplinary proceedings against IAS officers, Ministers / Departments may please note following instruction for strict compliance:

  1. In all the cases where the Ministries / Departments have decided to initiate disciplinary proceedings against IAS officers under the Government of India, these proposals shall invariably be sent to the Cadre Controlling Authority within three months of receipt of the first stage advice of the Central Vigilance Commission.

  2. In case an officer against whom disciplinary proceedings is being contemplated and that officer  is likely to retire from service in the next one year, the CVO of the concerned Ministry / Department will ensure that the proposal complete in all respects, as per guideline prescribed in the DoP&T OM No. 11018/3/94-AIS.III dated 9.6.1995, and as per the Check List and Single Window System prescribed vide DoP&T letter dated 13.2.2014, is sent to the Cadre Controlling Authority, in a time bound manner.

  3. The concerned CVO of the Ministries / Departments shall also review all the cases relating to initiation of disciplinary proceedings against IAS officers on monthly basis and ensure that details of officers who are likely to retire from service within the next one year are highlighted in the quarterly reports being sent to DoP&T.

(Sign of Authority)

Diwakar Nath Mishra




All the Central Government Ministries / Departments

Copy to:

  1. Prime Minister's Office
  2. Cabinet Secretariat
  3. Secretary, Central Vigilance Commission

Copy also for information to:

  1. PS to MOS (PP)
  2. PPS to Secretary (P)
  3. PS To EO & AS, DOP&T
  4. PS to AS (S&V), DOP&T


1. DoPT's O. M. No. No. 106/7/2015-AVD.I dated 17/11/2015

2. DoPT's O. M. No. 11018/3/94-AIS.III dated 09/06/1995

3. DoPT's Letter No. 142/16/2013-AVD.I dated 13/02/2014