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Subject:- Facilitate implementation of online filing of IPRs in IPR module of SPARROW

Office of the Establishment Officer (PR) has issued instructions to facilitate implementation of online filing of IPRs in IPR module of SPARROW which are as follows: -

1.            It has been decided that officers who do not submit the property return in time would be denied Vigilance Clearance and will not be considered for promotion and empanelment for senior level posts in Government of lndia. Government of lndia have also decided that the annual property return as on January 1, 2011 of members of All lndia Service and other Group 'A' Central Service Officers will be placed in the public domain. The names of defaulting officers will be put up on the website of DOPT and action indicated in terms of the decision. 

[Para 2 & 4 of Circular No. 11/7/2011-EO(PR) dated 04.04.2011]

2.            It has been decided to introduce online filing of IPR for which an IPR Module has been designed and would become operational w.e.f. 1.1.2017 to enable the officer to file the return online. The navigation tab for IPR Module has been provided in the menu on Home Page of SPARROW (https://sparrow.eoffice.qov.in). A 'User Manual-IPR' to facilitate filling up the forms has been provided in the help menu on the Home Page of SPARROW.


[Para 3 & 4 of DO No. 6(1)/2014-EO(PR) dated 22.12.2016]


3.            Vide notification dated 30.12.2021, Rule 3(1) of IAS (Pay) Rules, 2016 has been amended to make filing of IPR mandatory for being considered for appointment to the next level of pay matrix.


[Para 1 of Letter No. 11030/06/2021-AIS-II dated 27.06.2022]

4.            In case any reference to the relevant OM is required, the same may be accessed by clicking on the hyperlink or from the DOPT’s website. List of the OMs mentioned in this document is as under:


·         Circular No. 11/7/2011-EO(PR) dated 04.04.2011

·         DO No. 6(1)/2014-EO(PR) dated 22.12.2016

·         Letter No. 11030/06/2021-AIS-II dated 27.06.2022



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Amit Srivastava

Under Secretary